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Junior Club Volleyball


Novato Youth Volleyball Junior Club provides players and their families a unique, smaller scale peek into Club Volleyball, and provide athletes and their families an opportunity to experience Club without the greater time and financial commitment of the standard six-month club season. We are strongly committed in our sense of value and professionalism, but most importantly, our commitment to your daughters -- our young community athletes.


This will be NYVA's sixth year with our Junior Club Program. Junior Club, which will begin early-mid December and conclude mid-to-late March, is a fun yet still competitive environment for our youth. Player evaluations will be held on Saturday November 16th and teams will be formed within the next week or two! Every girl who comes to the evaluation will make a team!


Teams will practice once a week (lasting 1.5 hours each) on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings (in Novato) depending on gym time and availability, and will run a period of 3.5 months. The girls/teams will participate one or two HALF DAY tournaments in San Rafael, either held on Saturday and/or Sunday, most likely to be held in February and/or March. The Half Day tournaments will comprise of a minimum three matches during the day, and the girls will learn and help with officiating and score book keeping duties.

Girls will be outfitted with a uniform jersey (returned at the end of the season), a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a backpack, the latter three are theirs to keep. The cost for this program is $375. Minimum deposit of $200 required with registration – balance can be paid in two installments - $87.50 on Jan. 14th/16th and $87.50 on Feb. 11th/13th. If other payment arrangements are needed, please contact Jacqueline Woodall,

Girls will be grouped onto teams of 4th/5th/6th grades, and 7th/8th/9th grades. There will be a minimum of 10 players, maximum 12 to a team (subject to change). Girls will be placed on a team based on their player evaluation. We will also be accepting "friend requests" within reason. Although placement is based on their tryout evaluation, we are aware of the fact that this is also a fun environment for the girls and they like to play with friends. We cannot HOLD spots - actual registrations have to be received for a spot to be secured on a team. 

If interested in this program, we strongly suggest you complete and return the registration form ASAP! Please mail your registration to the address on the registration papers.

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